About Us

a little personal history

SK - Site Designer & Coder

After being on the path to computer programmer status (back in the days of yore!), Shannon made a sharp turn to study the arts. She has a background in newspaper production and general page layout. She is also a paper maker and a paper artist. She has edited a few novels and she's been joined at the hip with a computer since they first came out in 1983. She's been creating websites since the onset of the Internet and truly enjoys her work and her clients, who got a little agitated when she suggested she might retire. Instead, they asked for the new responsive sites and rather than disappoint them, she dove right in.


JK - Audio/Video & Other Coder

Jeen has been creating videos for about 8 years, starting with taping all the parades and events in Ferndale, California. (And there are a LOT of parades in Ferndale!) After a move east to the other side of the mountains, she spent time learning the ropes while working with the Siskiyou County Public Access studio at the College of the Siskiyous. She is now free-lancing, using her skills to create fun and interesting videos for our clients. They love it; she loves it! Who could ask for a better deal?

and "Oui" Knit

OUI KNIT is a small group of knitters who create lacey cotton socks in the summertime and sturdy wool socks for the chill of winter. We also create hats, scarves, fruits & vegetables, creatures and lace! There are a lot of good knitters where we live and we do our best to keep up with them.

We've heard so often that "socks are socks," but that's simply not the case. Hand knit socks make your feet feel special, and when your feet feel special, you're walking on air and there's joy in each step! You won't want to take them off!

We use only natural fibers like wool, cotton, mohair, silk, linen and some of the newer ones like corn and bamboo. Most of our socks are fairly lightweight, especially the summer ones, but we do heavy and cozy winter socks as well, mostly wool but not exclusively so.

Beautiful color pattersn

  • OMG!!! These socks are amazing! If I didn't know how incredibly talented you are, I would question if you really made them! Gorgeous, almost too to wear! The different stitches integrated together seamlessly! Bill was agog with wonder. We both are!

    Josh - Sock Wearer & Gifter
  • The ladies made me a pair of wool socks for winter and I just about wore them out! Then they made me a pair of pretty cotton lace socks for summer and the same thing is happening. I wear them ALL the time and no other socks seem to be as comfortable on my feet. Needless to say, I love 'em!

    Shirley - J' s Mom
  • My feet just got colder and colder each winter and I couldn't get them warmed up. Then the girls gave me a pair of socks that were nice and thick and wooly warm. My feet still get cold at times, but not as often or as chilled as they used to. Now I need a hat and some mittens to go with them ... hint, hint, hint!

    Bob - Old Friend