Some of Our Socks

This page is for Bernie J. — Here is a small sample of some of the socks we have created over the years. It’s to show off a bit, but also to see if there’s something you especially like that we could model your socks after. Click on any image to start the gallery, then click on the right or left arrow to move it along. If you DO see something that strikes your fancy, do let me know so I’ll have an idea of what you like.

I don’t expect you to like the lace work, but the color(s) and other aspects of design might be something you like. “Medium blue” isn’t really that good of a description … although I’d probably go for a light indigo or something like that. If none of this matters to you, just tell me that and I’ll surprise you! You have no idea how finicky some people are about their socks! ♥

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