Nirvana makes things easy!

Nirvana makes things easier than ever before. No coding and no extra CSS styling needed. With a simple user interface of over 200 settings you can change anything: every color, every line of text and every design element is editable with a simple mouse click from the theme settings.

Nirvana gives you choices!

This slider alone has over 20 options for you to customize it with: size, borders, animations, navigation types and individual slides are all editable via the Theme Settings.
The columns, as well as everything else on this Presentation page are also fully customizable.

Nirvana in full color!

With over 50 color settings you can change the color of virtually anything in your site without writing a single line of code. Enable, configure or disable important site elements like pagination, breadcrumbs, top bar, menus, post metas, back to top button and much more.

Nirvana is neverending!

Advanced typography settings, great control over post excerpts and featured images, magazine and blog layouts, social media settings and custom CSS and JS fields complete the Nirvana line-up. But there's much much more!

20 Years of Website Design!

We've been creating websites for a little over 20 years and have seen it go from simple and fun to complex and perplexing. We prefer creating sites for the larger monitors, but that's not "where it's at" these days ... mobile devices are what we design for now. Some of our existing sites don't work well on these devices; they're old and the client likes the site just the way it is. We try to accommodate everyone's wants and desires when it comes to their website. We've been doing it too long not to know that that's the way to keep clients happy!

We work only for individuals and small businesses ... no corporate sites in our portfolio ... never have been, never will. We keep our prices as low as we can because we know you have other things (not necessarily "better" things however!) to spend you hard earned dollars on. We work WITH you. We want you to love your website and know how to work it, if that's what you want. We will help you learn. We're here for you ... ask any of our current clients what they think of our services. That's the best advertising we can have and we trust it.